3DS Release Schedule

N-Handhelds has a brand new Nintendo 3DS games release schedule. It isn't as fancy as what the other websites have. However, I still hope that you guys find this valuable. :) I'll be adding Japan and US releases first. European, Australian, and (hopefully) Southeast Asian 3DS games release schedules as well.

Note: I made this in Google Drive. This is just a view-only spreadsheet. However, since this is a Google Spreadsheet, you can always press CTRL + F to look for games. Additionally, you can scroll the spreadsheet down.

There are also links if you guys want to buy the game. :) Please click on them to support my site so hopefully, one day, we can move N-Handhelds to a more stable  platform.

Goals for this page:

1. Add 3DS game release schedule in North America
2. Europe
3. Australia
4. Southeast Asia