This is N-Handhelds. I still don't know why I called it that way, but if I remember correctly, it's because I want to cover Nintendo portable consoles and games. I am not really into console gaming because much of my time were spent outside the house - where it be on the workplace or on buses and trains and long trips to provinces (everyday.) I love gaming yes, and that's one reason why I started this 3DS blog (also a Pokemon blog since we have a lot of posts about it.)

N-Handhelds Will Never Have Short Posts Unlike Other Blogs

Though I cover a lot about the Nintendo 3DS nowadays, there are also lots of Pokemon articles and also news and insights on the latest Nintendo 3DS games of today. Before I am fond of making short posts, but then I thought I am not contributing a lot to the discussions. That's why starting 2013, there will be more opinionated articles, guides, and tips about gaming. You have seen enough short posts from me in the past, as well as in other blogs. I hope I can rely on you though, to give me feedback about my writing by hitting on the comments section. Will that be all right?

A 3DS Release Schedule

One feature of N-Handhelds is the Nintendo 3DS Schedule of games which can be found here. It has release dates for upcoming 3DS games in the USA and Japan. So please check it out.

About Me

I am Michael Vincent. They call me Vincent at work. My friends call me by my first name. I have been blogging since 2009 on this other site, before I went on to start N-Handhelds. I tested if I can write more about anime and Japanese gaming. Soon, I realize though that it is very hard to manage lots of blogs. That's why I try to focus my writing only here.

My Interest

I am interested with Japanese gaming, Pokemon, and Nintendo games. With regards to music, I listen to British group Oasis (they're gone now,) and has a strong interest JPop (like Fukuyama Masaharu.) KPop? I only listen to BoA and G.Na for that matter.

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Write For Us

You can also request for a guest writing opportunity here on N-Handhelds. Make sure that it is related to Pokemon and/or 3DS games. How to? Send me an email with the subject WRITE FOR N-HANDHELDS at admin(at)n-handhelds(dot)com