Sunday, March 3, 2013

Square Enix Knows We Want Bravely Default: Flying Fairy

Remember Bravely Default: Flying Fairy? For those of you who don't, it's a solid RPG from Square Enix that came out in Japan last year. It has already sold 300,000 copies in its home country and will most likely have a sequel. The problem? It still hasn't come to any other region's shores.

I have even written to Square Enix an open letter, in hopes they might be able to read it. But I am 99% sure that they didn't. Who am I anyway? What I can only do at this point and make this blog and my Twitter a place to generate interest around Bravely Default, hoping that one day, Square might hear our please.

But looks like there were new hints that it might come! The game's official Twitter account recently posted the following Tweets:

These tweets, though we cannot initially infer that the game will come in English only just means that Square Enix has been sizing up the fan interest for the game outside Japan. As a big company, of course, they wouldn't want releasing it and then sales will not go as expected. Just like with Sleeping Dogs, and with The World Ends With You in mid 2000s. 

Should this happen, looks like Bravely Default's final frontier is not Japan's eShop but our non-Japanese 3DS consoles. We'll wait and see!