Monday, January 28, 2013

Level Up Quickly in Dragon Quest VII 3DS and Limited Edition Slime Bags

Dragon Quest VII
The latest news on Dragon Quest VII in Japan provides us with new information about the revved-up features that the game will have.

First off, along with a class change is appearance change for both the party and the monsters.

Looks like the change of appearance in the PlayStation version happens only in Mastery not with class change. (? If somebody who have played it can confirm this to me.)

Other important features that were mentioned are the following:
  • Level ups - Job levels will go up quicker than before.
  • You can only use a specific spell in a specific class in upper division jobs.
  • There is now a simplified and rebalanced skill tree.
  • Elimination of job history.
We first heard of Square Enix bringing Dragon Quest VII back in Japan sometime last October. We are all worried though if the company will bring it abroad. Turned out there were still evaluating the game for a western release. Here's to hoping they will announce it soon.

But first Square Enix, don't forget Bravely Default: Flying Fairy!

But you also got to check these Slimebags

While we are busy though, thinking about this game and the hope that it'll come to the west soon, Japan is now going gaga over Dragon Quest VII.

But hey, the country's gaga over anything Dragon Quest anyway, so I guess my statement is incorrect.

Check out these Slime Bags

dragon quest slimebag
via RocketNews
Actually these are just plastic bags which was made to look cool by printing an image of everyone's favorite slime. They are in 2 colors. And they are, according to the Japanese, ridiculously cute. I don't know why I can't see that part. But these slimebags are in limited quantities and you can't request the grocer to put your shopped items into one of these. 

But you can always try.

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