Monday, November 5, 2012

Who Needs Pokedex 3D Pro?

Pokedex 3D Pro
The Pokedex 3D Pro is coming our way this November 8 on the Nintendo 3DS eShop. It's like the ultimate encyclopedia of all things Pokemon - their stats, their levels, forms, everything. If you are getting one, the price is totally worth it. If you're not getting one, hmm...

Perhaps the best thing about the Pokedex 3D Pro is that you don't need your 3DS to be connected to WiFi, heck - even you yourself infront of the computer- just to get information on the stats and other stuff.

Of course, if you are a casual Pokemon player - you may or may not consider it. If you are a casual Pokemon player wanting to get serious with Pokemon battling such as myself, then this app is for you. And of course, if you are on the level of Pokemon champions - those that participate in tournaments, I can take it that you already know the information in Pokedex 3D Pro, but it kinda helps, right? :)

Again, Pokedex 3D Pro is coming this November 8th at the eShop. Consider getting one. :)

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