Friday, November 2, 2012

Animal Crossing Gets 39/40 in Famitsu

animal crossing 3ds

The upcoming Nintendo 3DS game: Animal Crossing: New Leaf (Animal Crossing: Jump Out in Japan) gets a high score in Famitsu - a respectable 39/40. What did the 4 reviewers said about the game? Thankfully, Kevin Gifford translated the review and wrote the important points at Polygon.

It seems that the reviewers pointed out that the game is not exactly new, but the minute new features makes it fairly special.The mayor stuff, exchange of messages without leaving your village. The game made a perfect balance of everything which also expanded the gameplay. Here's a snippet:

"The core of it hasn't changed at all... but between exploring the ocean and building up your village with public works, there's just a ton of new features. There's really nothing difficult about it, so even if you're new to this, I think you can really enjoy it. It's a really deep game that way, one that you can play in all kinds of different styles."

Animal Crossing is a solid franchise that is both fun and also an incredibly popular intellectual property. The problem I am saying, though, is if the casual audience will buy the game, now that there are other games that could easily pass up as Animal Crossing in the AppStore. :(