Tuesday, October 23, 2012

An Open Letter to Square Enix in Hopes of them Localizing Bravely Default: Flying Fairy

Hello Square Enix!

How are you? Me? I'm great! How about you? Have you seen the numbers for Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance and Theatrythm: Final Fantasy? Cool right? Well, you can't blame it if it can't beat the cross-platform games in terms of sales because after all, they are cross platforms. Your sales for these two fantastic titles are good and big and I hope you seriously consider bringing more of your Japanese games outside Japan because you know, they are really cool and most of all, memorable.

And here is where I insert the topic of Bravely Default: Flying Fairy. I guess you saw the data from wherever you get your data. As for me, I saw Media Creates data on your Nintendo 3DS title. It just blew away the competition in Japan. Yes. Even with competition from other big titles, heck, even from smartphones, you presented and delivered a game that is so cool even the non-Japan gaming public know of Bravely Default's existence.

Yes. We know about the game. We know that you release downloadable demos of the game. We know that game has contributions from the one who did Steins; Gates' story. We even know that it will have multiple endings. We knew so much about the game. You know why? Because we know that it is cool and will be another JRPG that can stand out from your Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts. We know it would be so good we're literally reaching out to you if you can please consider localizing Bravely Default: Flying Fairy for the global audience. When you do something great and unique, I hope you guys can bring it over.

You've read it right. And I'm sure I'm not the only guy who thinks this way. What, you want us to knock on your Facebook and Twitter's doorsteps? I think we are doing that. How about giving us some consideration and do something about the game?

You might say that some of your titles didn't sell as it's supposed to be, like The World Ends With You. But I think you can blame the game's sales on piracy. I am perfectly, absolutely sure that piracy on the Nintendo 3DS will take a longer time. Heck, perhaps, with constant updates from Nintendo, there's even a chance that they won't be able to penetrate the system. And that's one reason why I think the game will sell well.

Another reason? It's on the Nintendo 3DS. It's on a system that has sold literally millions of hardware around the world now. And it is the perfect platform for you guys to tell everyone that you can deliver the gaming genre that you literally built - Japanese Role-playing games.

Square Enix, there's no doubt that you are the spiritual leader of JRPGs. It was with your RPGs that the we first fell in love with. It was your Final Fantasy VI that closes the Super Nintendo Entertainment System on a high note. It was your Final Fantasy VII that put JRPGs in the spotlight. It was your Dragon Quest IX that made everyone feel that JRPGs on handheld consoles are still awesome and immersive. It was your Chaos Rings that proved to everyone that the genre is also perfect with mobile smartphones. If there's only one that can do it, it will be you.

Oh wait, look what I found:

Do you still want us to give you a number of reasons why you need to release this game outside Japan? Just take a look at your Facebook page. Soon it will be full of persistent people persuading you to do something about Bravely Default: Flying Fairy in order for you to consider localizing it. Soon, people will email you hundreds of times everyday. Soon, there might even be a campaign huge enough that you just can't ignore. Soon Square, you'll find out that there are lots of people who hope that you return to your JRPG roots where you excel well, where you became popular, where you became a household icon, where you finally enter the hearts of gamers around the world.

I seriously hope you consider this Square Enix. I'm not hoping that you will reply here. Your reply will be your announcement of a western localization of the game.

Michael Vincent - Just a Blogger and Random Slime