Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Pokemon Global Link Promotions Including Those that will End Tomorrow

Pokemon Global Link Promotions
I've just finished playing the heck out of LEGO Lord of the Rings demo I've downloaded in the eShop and here I am browsing the Pokemon Global Link site for some promotions I haven't accessed. I know about the Keldeo C-Gear skin which I reported here before. But here are other promotions which you might have missed:

Ending on October 18, 2012:

Porygon2 Doll - Just Click on the link at the message in the Global Link and voila! You get the Porygon2 doll!

September Pokemon Dolls - Reshiram, Zekrom, and Keldeo are available as Poke Dolls by simply checking your inbox and read a message delivered to you in September about it. I got mine last September 13. Check it out, enter the password given to you at that email unto the Global Link promotions page.

The two promotions above will end tomorrow! For heaven's sake check your inbox and see the email they delivered to you there.

Ending on November 15:
Pokemon White Kyurem Black Kyurem Meloetta Doll

Black Kyurem, White Kyurem, and Meloetta dolls are being given away up 'till mid-November. Get them by that one password that, the email said, will unlock all of the Pokemon Dolls for the month of October. Okay, password is CATDFYH.

A Pikachu doll for your Dream World home is also live and will end on November 15. Get it with the password: RAPDRA

Here are my insights: 

Pokemon at this point is not just about single gameplay. Well, it still is, but there is a focus on connectivity which gives rise to the Pokemon Dream World, giving us players more value to the money we paid for the games and ultimately satisfying us Pokemon fans. I suggest you check out the Pokemon Global Link site now if you haven't so for a long long time at