Thursday, October 11, 2012

Bravely Default is Japan Exclusive - What Can We Do?

What a super shame that Square Enix is NOT planning to bring Bravely Default: Flying Fairy outside Japan. This is what producer Tomoya Asano had said over at RPG Land:
I know that we don't have plans to bring the game over to America yet, but thank you for your interest in the game. Keep talking about it on Facebook and Twitter, and keep watching for new info from us!
The game's coming out in Japan today and I'm guessing it will make a hit in the sales charts. And while we will be stuck for a while into wondering how we can bring this over, Kotaku has a solution based on what Asano-san had said: keep talking about it. Yes. Let's go to the game's Facebook page. Tell them we want it here. Tell them to bring it. Perhaps fan interest will likely make them notice.

Or perhaps Square Enix is trolling. We still don't know. We haven't heard about Final Fantasy Type-0 for a while, but it's a PSP game, a declining (well, not exactly) platform. Bravely Default is in a perfect position because it is in a more popular console. Just add 1 year of localization and perhaps SE can announce it.

Make it happen. Check out Bravely Default's Flying Fairy Facebook page now.