Friday, September 14, 2012

Here's a HarmoKnight Preview from the Makers of Pokemon

Harmoknight might be the eShop game that will finally make you buy one. Not because it was a GameFreak game, not because of its Pokemon roots, but rather because its uniqueness and the fact that it is a uniquely awesome game.

Wired recently played through the game and made a lot of notes. First, it was a platformer - you run, you jump, you attack. The other thing is that it is a music game - you need to time your actions to the beat of the music. You follow the rythm by platforming and create a musical piece which will be graded based on how many notes you have hit. At the end of the level,you can be given any of the three grades - So-so, Good, and Great. Be warned that timing you attacks with the note is a challenging tasks.

Think EV training. Yes. That.

When you finish the level, you are given the option to return to previous levels and play them with the music slightly sped-up, or of course, proceed. The thing is, even if you get all "Greats," you won't be getting anything fancy, such a cool accessory or whatever. In short, there is no reward system in place that can reward players when they ace the game.  But the game is fun. Should ever there be an international release (Nintendo of America, in case you're listening,) perhaps this system will be remade in order for the western players to feel special after being an eShop game.

Again, it's not just an eShop game, it's a near $19.99 eShop game if we make the Yen conversions. Yes. it's like having bought the iPad version of The World Ends With You.

And be warned though, you will never ever think of Harmoknight as a kid's game after you played the boss fights which require ultimate precision in a cinematic environment wherein pressing A or B will sometimes make the dynamic camera angles change in position. (I suddenly remembered Kingdom Hearts: Recoded.)

And with that, let's just hope for the best that Nintendo of America will released this game. Looks like the the long list of  unreleased games in queue for the Nintendo 3DS has just got itself another entry.
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