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How To Beat The Gym Leaders in Pokemon Black and White 2

There's a slight shake up in the Gyms in Pokemon Black and White 2. For one, Leonora is gone. For two, Cheren is a gym leader with a patrat. Here in our blog we list down the gym leaders' names in Pokemon Black and White 2 along with their badges, specialty and city. Plus a guide and tips on each Gym Leaders type advantages and weaknesses. How to beat the gym leaders in the Unova region? Check it out after the break.

  • Gym - Aspertia City
  • Pokemon Type - Normal
  • Pokemon - Lillipup (lv 13), Patrat (lv 11)
  • Badge - Normal Badge
Cheren's Normal Pokemon will have trouble with Fighting - types. But I doubt there are Fighting type Pokemon in Aspertia City where Cheren is. Well, there is Riolu somewhere near. Better get one. It'll evolve to Lucario.

Homika (Roxie in English)
  • Gym - Virbank City
  • Pokemon Type - Poison
  • Pokemon - Koffing (lv 16), Whirlipede (lv 18)
  • Badge - Toxic Badge
Homika's Poison Pokemon will be vulnerable to ground and psychic Pokemon attacks. If you choose snivy as your starter, watch out too.

I was helped by my Tranquil [Flying] since most of the Pokemon in the gym are Bug-Types which are weak to Flying types. You can abuse this advantage.

  • Gym - Castelia City
  • Pokemon Type - Bug
  • Pokemon - Swadloon (lv 22), Dwebble (lv 22), Leveanny (lv 24)
  • Badge - Insect Badge
Burgh's Bug Pokemon can be wiped out by FlyingFire, and Rock types. Keep your Grass, Psychic, and Dark Pokemon away.

Growlithe helped me here, as well as my Tranquill. If you have Tepig/Pignite then this gym is a piece of cake.

  • Gym -Nimbasa City
  • Pokemon Type - Electric
  • Pokemon - Emolga (lv 28), Flaaffy (lv 28), Zebstrika (lv 30)
  • Badge - Bolt Badge

Elesa's Electric types have only one weakness - Ground types. Looking at her Pokemon, you can probably beat her Emolga with an Ice or Rock types since it is an Electric/Flying hybrid.

Elesa's gym is so cool. :) Lol. Snivy/Servine can hold up to most of the Pokemon in the gym but beware of Zebstrika (has a Fire-type attack) and Emolga (Flying.) I got through the gym with my Electabuzz, Servine, and Excadrill.

  • Gym - Driftveil City
  • Pokemon Type - Ground
  • Pokemon - Krokorok (lv 31), Sandslash (lv 31), Excadrill (lv 33)
  • Badge - Quake Badge
Clay's Ground Pokemon are weak against Water and Grass. Remember that Ground Pokemon attacks are super effective against Fire, Electric, Poison, Rock, and Steel types.

I got through the gym only with my Serperior. If you have chosen Oshawott (which is probably Samurott at this point,) then you have nothing to worry. If you have Emboar, however, have a water pokemon ready to help you.

  • Gym - Mistralton City
  • Pokemon Type - Flying
  • Pokemon - Swoobat (lv 37), Skarmory (lv 37), Swanna (lv 39)
  • Badge - Jet Badge
Skyla's Flying Pokemon are weak against Electric, Ice, and Rock attacks. She is super effective against Grass, Fighting, and Bug Type Pokemon.

My Electabuzz helped me a lot in my gym battle against Skyla. I tried squeezing Excadrill into action (since I taught him a Rock-type move.)

  • Gym - Opelucid City
  • Pokemon Type - Dragon
  • Pokemon - Druddigon (lv 46), Flygon (lv 46), Haxorus (lv 48)
  • Badge - Legend Badge
Drayden's Dragon Pokemon are only weak on Ice type and fellow Dragon types. If you don't have an Ice Pokemon, atleast have a Pokemon with Ice type moves.

I don't have a Dragon Pokemon. I also don't have an Ice Pokemon. What I do have are 2 steel types - Excadrill (Ground/Steel) and Lucario (Fight/Steel) and guess what, I survived.

Shizui (Marlon in English)
  • Gym - Humilau City
  • Pokemon Type - Water
  • Pokemon - Carracosta (lv 49), Wailord (lv 49), Jellicent (lv 51)
  • Badge - Wave Badge
Shizui's Water Pokemon are weak against Grass and Electric types. Keep your Fire, Ground, and Rock pokemon away.

My Serperior and Electabuzz helped me throughout. It was an easy win, actually.

Now that you know their Pokemon team, types, and levels, I guess proper training is what you should do to beat them. Another thing is that to make your Pokemon team in a way that they have attacks than can be super-effective to the Pokemon types of these gym leaders. I suggest to have an Ice Type for the sole purpose of wiping Drayden and his team of Dragon Pokemon.

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What do you think of the new shake up in the Gyms of the Unova region? Who is your favorite gym leader?

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