Wednesday, January 4, 2012

If Link Actually Died in A Legend of Zelda Game

Recently, an official story timeline has been released by Nintendo that tries to tie every Legend of Zelda game into each other, with Skyward Sword as the beggining, and the original game sometime later in the chronology. 

In the chronology, there was a specific point wherein 3 timelines had appeared. I am talking about the game Ocarina of Time wherein history takes three routes - one of which is that Link fails in his quest which leads to the story of a Link to the Past. IGN in fact had an article about the facts that may bring about Link's demise.

What if Link did actually die at the OoT. Actually the article did a valid point of suggesting that it will also be valid to claim that an alternate story can be said with other games in the franchise - that the hero can be defeated in any other game in the series. True.

But for now, I guess we cannot do anything but to follow Nintendo's interpretation. 

It is fascinating that Zelda fans, or even people who played some Zelda games have some different views on this official Nintendo timeline. Yet one can say that it is the magic of Zelda - a franchise truly loved by the fans enough for them to have their own interpretation of linking various Links from the past and current Zelda games.

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