Thursday, January 5, 2012

Capcom Says Ace Attorney Fans Will Be Happy This 2012

And finally! Fans of the Ace Attorney franchise have been wanting something new from the series for quite some time; Our 3DS blog wants some new details too! Yes, there will be a cross-over game, yes there will be a live-action movie. But what about another original game? Will Capcom do something grand about one of its well-loved character apart from putting him on a fighting game?

Apparently... Yes. 4Gamer interviewed important Japanese personalities in the video game industry asking them of their thoughts on 2011 and the challenges for the new year. I have seen the article for quite some time at the website but since my Japanese is not good, I can only hope that either Andriasang or Siliconera will translate it, and apparently, the former did. We got some bits into the minds of these Japanese individuals who shaped the industry in their country last year. And one of the person interviewed was Motohide Eshiro.

Eshiro-san, as far as I know, was the producer for Ace Attorney Investigations and Okamiden. His first priority in the interview was to promote DmC Devil May Cry. After that, he mentioned that as for Ace Attorney, Capcom is making some plans regarding the series that he hopes will make the fans happy. There will be a 10th anniversary event for the Ace Attorney series on the 29th. 

(Let me set the record straight: I am an Ace Attorney fan. I even bought the Nintendo DS for the initial purpose of playing the game.)

It is interesting to note all the current plans that we all know for the franchise as of now. Among those include the following

  1. Professor Layton vs. Ace Attorney - Capcom teams up with Level 5 for this cross-over game that will feature Phoenix Wright and Professor Herschel Layton.
  2. Gyakuten Saiban the Movie - This Live-Action film will be released in Japan this year and initial response from overseas are pretty much positive. Gumshoe looks so dependable, Larry Butz looks so badass.
  3. Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 - While I suck at fighting games, I witnessed my friend play the game as Phoenix Wright and you'll start to wonder how an Ace Attorney fan can actually feel with Wright being on the same grounds as Wolverine, Spider-man, Amaterasu etc.
But What can Actually Surprise the Fans? 

Being one myself, I don't want surprises (Hey! There will be a Phoenix Wright X Samurai Warriors! - something along that line) but rather something that I actually expects that Capcom will do for the franchise:
  1. Localization of Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth 2 - Though I already accepted the fact that the company might never localize this, I'm still disappointed and still hoping that Capcom will do something about it. Some dedicated fans are doing something about it, but I hope Capcom will ultimately release the game
  2. Gyakuten Saiban 5 - This has been announce years ago, with nothing that adds to the fanfare.
Now, I would like to take the attention of the readers of this blog for a while. If you are an Ace Attorney fan, what do you think is that grand plan that Capcom is cooking up for the series? Will you want something that will come off as a bit of a surprise, or something that you hope and expect that the company will do? 

Please join the discussion by hitting up on the comments section below. Thanks a lots and much appreciation to you! ^_^

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Note: 2011 marked the series' 10th anniversary.