Saturday, December 17, 2011

Pokemon X Nobunaga's Ambition Trailer

It seems that the Pokemon Company is quite busy these days. And what's more, I think they just delivered to their earlier promise to not abandon the Nintendo DS and its gamers and deliver content to the handheld. The content that it was talking about is perhaps Pokemon X Nobunaga's Ambition, which debuted at Jump Festa 2012 today.

And just as you think everything's finished, Pokemon X Nobunaga's Ambition's trailer is here! I headed up to since I always assume that the site will already have updates about this game earlier than everyone else.

For other updates:
  • It seems that CoroCoro Magazine in Japan will report more details about this game next month. 
  • also noted that one element of the gameplay is that the camera will zoom when in battle.
  • Pokemon will move when you grab them.
Pokemon X Nobunaga's Ambition is due to release next year in 2012 for the Nintendo DS. And the Nintendo DS is REGION-FREE. Always remember that!