Saturday, December 24, 2011

New Love Plus Life-Sized Calendars at Konami Style: Tokyo Midtown Shop

As part of New Love Plus's Christmas Campaign, Konami's Konami Style: Tokyo Midtown Shop is giving away life-sized calendars of the three characters of the dating simulation game. But you have to go to Tokyo if you want it immediately. Good thing our 3DS Blog have spotted this news!

Konami's Konami Style: Tokyo Midtown Shop is owned by the aforementioned company and it features there standard Konami merchandise, limited edition goods, and demo versions of products before official release in which customers can play. In addition to that, the shop is host to various campaigns that revolves around their games. The latest is the Love Plus Christmas Campaign which have started last December 16.

In the New Love Plus Christmas campaign, customers can expect, or have already experience the following if you have been there already:

  • Love Plus Christmas Cake Exhibition
  • Picture taking in a Christmas tree with customer-submitted decorations
  • Life-Size pictures of the girls.
  • Posters and badges
  • Mugs and albums
  • a Life-Sized Calendar (limited supply so they are asking you to come over)
Now the last part bugged me. If ever I'm the customer I don't honestly see any good thing from it. But I guess it sells well so there shouldn't be any problem (and questions!) AND I don't know if I just did a translation error or what. Should you ever think I posted it wrong, please feel to tell me at the comments section below. ^^

New Love Plus for the Nintendo 3DS will be available on February 14 in Japan.


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